Savant marries a touchscreen with iTunes; calls it "Apple Surface"

Look, we're all about innovation, and you know deep down we really want our computers to be big-ass tables, but Savant's press release touting "the first Apple-based coffee table surface product" just made us cringe. Savant's Rosie touchscreen home-automation products are already well-respected, so there's no need to try and grab any tailfeathers here -- in fact, we think the specs sort of sell themselves: you're looking at a 40-inch touchscreen that sports iTunes integration, access to photos and movies, home-automation through the Rosie system, and, yes, runs on an internally-mounted Mac of some sort. More important than that, however, is the one spec that Microsoft's Surface can't currently match: Savant is getting ready to sell these to consumers, and soon. See? No need to to get crazy with the hype, now was there? Now just set a price and tell us when these'll ship, and we'll be all set.

[Via ShinyShiny]