Forum Post of the Day: If WoW ended in 24 hours...

The premise that Bugsy has put forth on the EU forums is fairly simple. If WoW were to shut down in 24 hours, what do you think you'd do with all the free time? Would you be going through WoW withdrawal, or would you suddenly develop a close and personal relationship with your (potentially neglected) chores? Many of the forum replies out there suggest gathering their guilds together and finding another game to go to. (I expected the Warhammer references, but was surprised to see EVE in there too.) Still others just said they'd sell their accounts as fast as they could, or head out and enjoy time in meat-space.

As for me, if WoW were shutting down in 24 hours, I think I'd probably squeeze every last moment out of it. That would probably involve corpse-hopping as far as possible in Black Temple -- if only to say that I'd seen the inside of the place. (who cares about repair bills when the whole game is going to go away the next day?) From there, I'd jump on my guild's forums, put the plans into work for a full guild raid on [insert large theme park here] where we could all meet up for one hell of a weekend bash before we scatter to the MMO winds. (As I have an open EVE account currently, I pretty much know where my focus would shift to...)

What would you do? Are there any MMOs on the horizon that you think your guild might jump to, or that you're really looking forward to? Would you return to the MMO/MUD you may have been playing before WoW came along? Or would you agree with some in the thread -- that WoW is the first and last of the genre you'd play?

[Many thanks to our own Dan O'Halloran!]