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Hands-on with Niveus' Media Center Extender

While Microsoft representatives at CEDIA were being exceedingly selfish with any information about the media-centric partnership with D-Link and Linksys, Niveus was putting all its cards right there on the table. Essentially, Microsoft claims that the actual hardware from Linksys and D-Link "could change" from its current form, but apparently, Niveus has a finalized product (reportedly dubbed Niveus Media Extender) ready to roll. The touchscreen interface functioned about as well as you'd expect, and while it did lag slightly at times, the overall feel was pretty fluid. Per usual, the hands-on goodness lies beneath, and oh yeah, official specs and such should be landing later this month.

UPDATE: Gallery also includes photos of the Vantage touchscreen and Rainier rig that Niveus was using on the floor.