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iPhoneSIMfree shows us demo of iPhone unlock app, back end -- now due Monday

iPhoneSIMfree shows us demo of iPhone unlock app, back end -- now due Monday
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|September 7, 2007 4:31 PM

So the iPhoneSIMfree guys have some news today. First up, they called to let us know they did in fact delay the launch of their iPhone SIM unlock software (which was clear by the fact that no one has it yet) -- but it's now due Monday.

Today iPhoneSIMfree also sent a couple of publications (including this one) a demo version of their unlock app and trial access to their back end reseller tool. The demo software and reseller tool do not yet actually unlock phones since iPhoneSIMfree hasn't yet flipped the switch on the activation service end. But as proof that their end-user app does exist, the demo app shown here coursed through its normal routines (about 3-5 minutes start to finish) to show us what an unlock should be like.

Their reseller backend tool, which we also have shots of, allows bulk purchasers of iPhoneSIMfree unlocks to add customers' IMEIs to the unlock whitelist. Once added, apparently resellers merely have to just provide their customers the unlock app, which initiates the remote unlock service -- the whole thing is a little like Windows Activation where only whitelisted IMEIs can proceed with unlocking. Naturally, we documented all this on an iPhone -- but again, to be clear, the iPhoneSIMfree app that was sent out won't unlock iPhones. That all supposedly goes down on Monday.

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