Is this Creative's full-screen Zen Vision?

Sit down, we're going to take you for a bit of ride which might just end with Creative launching the next generation Zen Vision model sporting HD video and GPS navigation. Some forum jockeys on have put 2-and-2 together over at the 3DLABS Semiconductor site. See, 3DLABS -- a former subsidiary of Creative -- has a DMS-02 media processor with DMScaler technology which can playback 720p, H.264-formatted video on the small screen without transcoding or upscale it for output to your 1080p television. It also features high-end 3D navigation which looks pretty damn responsive even when slicing through fully textured maps overlaid with satellite images. What has Zen Vision fans now in a tizzy -- uh hmm, nearly 4 months after the video and pictures were released -- is that 3DLABS is demoing their wares on a touchscreen device sporting a Zen Vision video cable. As speculative as all this is, devout Creative fanboys who may have recently lost their way should be stoked by the prospects of a full-screen device they can call their own.

[Via Epizenter, thanks Dan]