Say it with style... say it with DrumPants

Enter the percussive world of odbol, AKA Tyler Freeman, AKA the man behind DrumPants. Imagine a pair of slacks, now picture those slacks being laced with Piezo transducer triggers which receive audio that becomes MIDI data (similar to how traditional drum triggers function). Now, imagine those triggers being hooked into a brain of some type, say... a drum machine. Are you getting the picture yet? DrumPants! Yes, now tapping on your legs will produce more than just the dull "thwack" of struck flesh -- it will create a symphony of percussion rivaled only by Neil Peart (and maybe Jon Theodore). Actually, odbol's design isn't really that revolutionary, since it's kind of like sticking regular triggers in your pockets, and frankly, as much as we'd like to be complimentary to the little dude, he ain't that great of a drummer. Still, kudos for the effort, and when he comes up with the sub-derma triggers, we're all ears. Check the video after the break to see Tyler rocking the trap kit.

[Via Fresh Creation]