HD Radios to allow tagging for later iTunes purchase

Playlist has an interesting story on upcoming HD Radios from Polk and JBL which will feature an iTunes tagging feature. Basically these radios receive the new HD Radio digital audio broadcasts that are starting to be rolled out around the country (and world). Each will have a tag button that you can press while listening to the radio and it will record the title, artist, etc. of the playing track. You can then plug your iPod into the built-in dock and it will transfer the data over; when you next sync the iPod to your Mac it will transfer the tracks to a "Tagged" playlist in iTunes. You can then preview and/or purchase these tracks as normal from the iTunes Store. Of course it would be rather cooler to have something like this built-in to an iPod with an HD Radio receiver, but I think it's a neat idea nonetheless. The first device to support iTunes tagging will be the Polk I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 (right) available in October for $499.