Networked exercise bikes motivate bored riders

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
September 8th, 2007
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Networked exercise bikes motivate bored riders

If the Wii has taught us anything, it's that competitive games don't have to be played from the comfort of a couch. Germany's Daum Electronics, a company that makes an exercise bike with a difference -- the Ergo Bike Premium 8i -- has certainly realized this. Its Ergo Bike is kitted up with a screen, camera, speakers and microphones, and the array of usual sensors: its most important asset, however, is an internet connection. This enables riders from different countries and continents to race (and sweat) with each other, or team up together to beat a simulated race. It's kind of an expensive hobby though, riding in at $3,500 a unit. Another firm called Expresso Fitness has a bike with an entirely unique 3D environment (pictured), and an entirely higher price tag no doubt.
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