HD Radio rolls out iTunes tagging

Well you may have missed this particular feature in your rush to pick up Polk's I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 table radio, but like its upcoming iHD brother from JBL, the ES2 is one of the first HD Radio models to feature a new iTunes tagging option that lets users bookmark over-the-air tracks for later purchase. In a symbiotic program that should potentially benefit studios, consumers, and perhaps even the medium itself, Apple hooked up with HD Radio developer iBiquity to integrate a "Tag" button into future hardware releases, which when triggered loads metadata about the current song to memory for future transfer to a docked iPod. Once that iPod has been synced with iTunes, users will have the option of previewing and / or buying elements of the specific playlist that's been cobbled together. Le's just hope Universal and Apple make nice sooner rather than later, because the absence of a major label from iTunes certainly isn't gonna do anything to turn us into a nation of taggers.