Vodafone gets the drop on Santa, announces Christmas lineup early

This may well be our first unofficial Christmas article, as Vodafone gets the jump on the holiday season with a sizeable list of new handsets for your enjoyment. The early launch features the new 8GB Nokia N95, Samsung SGH-F700V (by the by, that V at the end there stands for "vroom vroom"), Sony Ericsson W910i, BlackBerry 8310 Curve, and the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl. On the "B" list we can expect two new Windows Mobile devices, six devices based on Series 60, six 3G devices from leading manufacturers, and three new Vodafone branded sets (Vodafone 920, 720, 810). The final items on the menu are 13 new HSDPA handsets, not bad huh? While the devices are lumped into all those categories above, the devices specific to each are not, but in no particular order we can expect the Sharp GX33 and 880SH, Sagem my850v Crystal and my411 Cv. More Samsung goodness will arrive in the form of the SGH-i640v and SGH-ZV60, Sony Ericsson's W660i and V640i, with the Nokia 6120c rounding out the show. Don't take our word for it, but it seems like Christmas may be a good time to hop on Vodafone. Check the gallery for the pics we were able to cobble together of this grand event.