NAB takes on Microsoft, Google with anti-white space internet ads

It's not often Microsoft and Google are on the same seemingly-losing side of a debate, but things just aren't looking good for the White Space Coalition, the open-airwaves internet access project backed by the two giants, as well as Dell, HP, Intel, and Philips. The once-promising tech was to transmit broadband-speed data in the "white space" between existing television signals, but pretty much failed its initial FCC testing by causing static on nearby channels and hasn't really been heard from since. Well, that's not enough for the feisty suits at the National Association of Broadcasters, which is taking out a series of ads in a campaign against the system, saying that "while our friends at Intel, Google and Microsoft may find system errors, computer glitches and dropped calls tolerable, broadcasters do not." This fight may or may not have legs depending on how the upcoming 700MHz auction goes, but one thing is clear -- the offices of the NAB are clearly not served by Comcast.

[Thanks, Mike]