First free, open, GUI iPhone unlock software tested: it works!

Erica Sadun of our sister site TUAW has already upped the ante by throwing in a basic GUI frontend to the first free, open source iPhone SIM unlock software. We've already got an early beta build of the graphical one-click iPhone-based software (sorry folks, it's not quite ready for release yet) and can confirm that despite the visual glitches you see above, it's already a fully functional one-click unlock solution, not too different from IPSF's paid unlock software. Unfortunately, you still have to actually get the app onto the phone and go through the faux-activation process with your SIM afterward (and re-enable YouTube, if you so choose), but this is the first major step in automating the process of quickly and easily unlocking everybody's iPhone. More information as we get it.

Update: Partly edited to give proper credit to the proper developer of the GUI app, Erica Sadun; HaRRo, who supplied us with the above, glitched build, apparently based his version off of Erica's front end, but failed to credit her with creation of the app.