iPhone now software unlocked in 32 countries and 69 carriers

With the European and Asian iPhone rollouts still months away, is it any wonder to find the little guy venturing out on the mean, GSM streets all on his own? According to that list above compiled by the iPhone Dev Team, the freebie iPhone software unlock has now been tested to work in 32 countries and 69 national carriers -- a list which is changing by the minute. Testing is based on calls in/out, SMS in/out, EDGE/GPRS access, and voicemail access. Not Visual Voicemail, naturally, but the ability to receive notifications alerts and check voicemail messages. As usual, we won't link you directly to the iPhoneDev community in accordance to their request for uh, anonymity.

Update: Make that 42 countries and 90 local carriers according to our readers! They've unlocked their own phones on the additional country/carrier combos: New Zealand/Vodafone, Spain/Movistar, Poland/Orange, Czech Republic/Vodafone, Bahrain/Batelcom/MTC Vodafone, Israel/Cellcom, Hungary/T-Mobile, Belgium/Proximus/Base/Mobistar, Kuwait/Wataniya, and Ireland/Meteor. Note: the iPhoneDev list included Telus (with a note that it won't work) and double-counted India. Any more dear readers?