The hundred gadget giveaway, grand prize round: Insignia NS-LCD37 LCD HDTV

Here we go -- you ready to take home an Insignia NS-LCD37 37-inch LCD HDTV (courtesy of Best Buy) as a grand prize in our hundred gadget giveaway? Follow the rules below, and hope for the best.

The rules (yeah, there are always rules):

  • Leave a comment below. You know the drill.

  • You may only enter this specific giveaway once. If you enter this giveaway more than once you'll be automatically disqualified, etc. (Yes, we have robots that thoroughly check to ensure fairness.) In other words, be careful when commenting and if you submit more than once, only activate one comment, ok?

  • If you enter more than once, only activate one comment. This is pretty self explanatory.

  • Contest is open to anyone worldwide!

  • Winner will be chosen randomly.

  • Entries can be submitted until Sunday, September 16th, 11:59PM EDT. After that we're all done. Good luck!