Kensington rolls out accessories aplenty

In addition to those hyperbole-laden mice and keyboards Kensington introduced the other day, the company also busted out a whole range of other accessories, including everything from FM transmitters to power adapters to notebook cases. On that first front, the company has introduced no less than four of its LiquidFM Transmitters, including two designed specifically for iPods and two that'll work with any old MP3 player. All four boast features like QuickSeek to automatically find the clearest frequency and RDS functionality to display song information on compatible car stereos. In other forms of accessorizing, Kensington's introduced a slew of "Connect it" and "Power it" devices, the former of which includes a variety of laptop docks and stands replete with USB ports, while the later consists of adapters of various sorts to let you use and charge your USB-powered devices in your car, on a plane, or at home using a regular power outlet. As if that wasn't enough, the company also has a pair of new laptop cases, which will neither charge your devices nor transmit audio, but which should keep both your laptop and your wrists safe, thanks to Kensington's trademark Contour ergonomic support panel. According to Kensington, the whole lot should be available in time for the holiday season, with everything available for pre-order now.