Microsoft contritely responds to EU decision

Sounding like a child who's just been caught with a hand in the proverbial cookie jar, Microsoft issued a decidedly contrite, non-confrontational response this afternoon to the decision handed down earlier today by a European Grand Chamber of the Court of First Instance, thanking the court for its time and promising to take whatever steps are necessary to comply with the ruling. While playing up its commitment to Europe, aspirations for increased transparency, and continuing changes to its business practices, Redmond Senior Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith also admitted that "we all have to acknowledge that there are some issues that do remain open" and even welcomed "continued discussion to adhere to our duties with the European Commission." Notably absent from Microsoft's response was any mention of an appeal, and while the topic does seem to have been broached in post-statement Q&A, the company's press release conveniently lists all questions as being asked "off mike" -- therefore, the only clue we have regarding future plans is Smith's assertion that "I don't want to talk about what will come next in terms of the legal process." In other words, it sounds like this case may well enter its second decade before a final decision is reached.