Sprint Airave signal booster goes on sale today -- in Denver and Indy

Remember that cool Ubicell in-home booster we played with back at CTIA? Sprint's finally starting to roll out the device this week as the "Airave" in "select areas" of Denver and Indianapolis this week. Overall, the concept is very similar to T-Mobile's @Home service -- it connects through your ISP, racks up a monthly fee ($15 in this case, $30 for families), boosts your signal and doesn't deduct plan minutes -- but with the Airave, CDMA signals are served up instead of @Home's WiFi, which means any Sprint handset should work like a champ. The box itself runs $49.99, not a bad entry fee considering the healthy list of benefits it affords. Look for it in the rest of Denver and Indy along with Nashville later this year followed by a nationwide rollout in 2008.