Bose introduces Computer MusicMonitor desktop speakers

Bose, everyone's favorite quasi-audiophile audio-goods manufacturer is lowering themselves down into the seedy world of PC audio and introducing a new set of speakers designed for your desktop. The new Computer MusicMonitors -- 5-inch by 2-inch, 25-watt speakers with "dual internal opposing passover radiators" -- are Bose's first foray into a busy market already crowded by scores of other models, though the Boston-based company thinks they've got something new to bring to the game. "I think the demand for smaller and better sound will never stop," said a Bose business manager who introduced the new system, adding, "this is our best effort to deliver lifelike sound from something smaller than we've ever done before." For those willing to drop $399 on your computer speakers, these beauties can be yours on October 4th.