Denon offers up Smart S-302 / S-102 systems

Denon has loosed a pair of new semi-HTIBs on the world, with the compact (and admittedly stylish) 2.1 systems catching most of our attention. These additions to the S-series both tout DVD playback (sorry, no Blu-ray action here) and 1080p upscaling via HDMI, but the higher-end S-302 adds WiFi for streaming audio and a slightly more powerful amplifier. Reportedly, the DVD player within is the same drive found in the firm's DVD-2930 player, and while both units reserve 100-watts for the subwoofer, the S-102 pushes 35-watts to its satellites while the S-302 cranks out 50. Both sets are scheduled to land soon for $1,699 (S-302) and $999 (S-102).

[Via Pocket-Lint]