Gordon Moore predicts end to Moore's law in 10 years

After more than 40 years of empirical truth, Moores law -- the maxim which declares a doubling of transistors on a computer chip roughly every two years -- is under attack... by Gordon Moore himself. Ok, he's just the messenger in this case; it's the laws of physics that will render Moore's Law obsolete in "another decade, a decade and a half" according to the co-founder of Intel. Fact is, space on a chip is finite so eventually, (this isn't the first time he's predicted the end) he'll be right. Still, in perhaps a divination of future processing leaps, Moore noted that "the interface between computers and biology now is a very interesting area." Yes Gordon, we're all waiting for a quantum computer powered by a teaspoon of bacterial goo. Well, that, jetpacks and flying cars.