Intel shows of MIDs / UMPCs aplenty at IDF

We already caught sight of one Mobile Internet Device that made its way to Intel's currently-happening Developer Forum, but it looks like that was just the tip of the MID iceberg, with at least five other devices also making an appearance in prototype forum. In addition to that BenQ unit, the prototypes include devices from Asus, Compal, Elektrobit, Inventec and Quanta, each of which are based on Intel's Menlow platform, and at least some of which are apparently on track for a release in the first half of 2008. Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of specs for any of them just yet, although we're sure we'll be hearing more about them soon enough. In related news, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth was also on hand to demo a pre-alpha version of Ubuntu for MIDs, as was Adobe's Al Ramadan, who showed off the company's Adobe AIR application, which will supposedly "extend the reach of rich internet applications" and "bring compelling new experiences to the user."

[Via Phoronix, thanks Steve]