NYC taxi drivers take GPS fight to court

The Dynasty-esque drama of the New York City taxi / GPS saga doesn't seem to be petering out. Two weeks ago, thousands of New York City cabbies went on strike (albeit not very successfully) to protest the city's insistence on adding elaborate GPS / entertainment systems to driver's cars which are capable of tracking pick-up and drop-off points. Now it appears that a group of cabbies are taking the fight to court, filing a lawsuit against the city claiming that the mandate to include the GPS units was unconstitutional, and that the devices will give away "trade secrets" by revealing their driving patterns. "Each taxi driver regards his or her own pattern as proprietary," the suit states. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance -- the group that organized the strike -- is also behind this latest move, though not all drivers are united against the GPS units, which will also add credit card services, text messaging, and television to the cars.