Apple fesses up to faulty iPod touch screens

It looks like those complaining of problems with the iPod touch's screen weren't seeing things, as Apple has now reportedly confirmed that at least some early units did indeed ship with defective screens. That bit of news comes at the tail end of a review of the player by none other than Walt Mossberg, who reports that Apple says the problem affected a "small number of units" and that it is "being remedied." Exactly what that remedy entails, however, is unclear, as is the exact number of units affected. In related news, there's also been a few unconfirmed reports cropping up of similarly dim screens on newer iPhones, with the problem seemingly traced to units released after the now infamous price cut. No word from Apple on that, but if your new iPhone's display looks a little off, feel free to let us know.

- Walt Mossberg's review
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[Via AppleInsider]