Intrigue ensues in iRobot vs. Robot FX case

It looks like that iRobot vs. Robot FX lawsuit is turning out to be quite a bit different than the usual patent infringement case, with reports now turning up of key figures in the case making trips to dumpsters and U.S. Marshals seizing data destruction gear. As Xconomy reports, that former tidbit was part of an affidavit filed on August 20th, which stated that a man fitting the description of Jameel Ahed, founder of Robotic FX, was spotted putting a number of items in a dumpster. After the man left, the detectives trailing him checked out the scene, finding a box for a paper shredder, another box with "iRobot" written on it, and a trashed VHS tape labled "IS Robotics SWARM 2000" (IS Robotics being the original name of iRobot), among other items. Shortly after that incident, according to, US Marshalls seized some paper shredders at the homes and offices of two Robot FX employees, as well as some devices for erasing hard drives and destroying compact discs. Adding further intrigue to the case is the fact that Robot FX just last week won a major contract with the US military, which sent iRobot's stock down nearly 25%. For its part, Robot FX is denying any wrongdoing, and it's now attempting to get the case consolidated in Massachusetts, a move iRobot opposes.

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[Thanks, Tom F]