M-Audio introduces the Session Music Producer USB mic

M-Audio, known in the pro and semi-pro recording world as being... well, semi-pro, has just introduced a new product to its lineup which will make recording your American Idol demo reel way, way easier. Enter the Session Music Producer, a misleadingly named device which is essentially a USB, powered vocal mic with a built-in headphone jack, allowing you to monitor yourself in realtime without any delays normally experienced by using a separate headphone output. The mic comes with M-Audio's "Session" recording / production software for PCs (think GarageBand for Windows), which lets you build simple sequences and offers a 2GB loop library to get you started on a career in music. Take our advice though: get a good lawyer before you sign anything. No word on when the Session Music Producer hits stores, but it will run you $99.95 when it does.