Video Ezy to work with Apple on kiosk-style movie downloads?

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|09.20.07

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Video Ezy to work with Apple on kiosk-style movie downloads?
It's not clear how much of this is optimistic name-dropping and how much is real, but Australian video retailer Video Ezy (they just bought Blockbuster Australia) has announced that it's in talks with Apple, as well as several other supppliers, on a kiosk-style movie delivery system that would allow customers to download up to 40 movies onto an iPod and then pay as they watch. The system, called eBox, would still require you to actually visit a retail location, a compromise Video Ezy says is required because broadband speeds still aren't high enough to support a pure download model. We can see why Apple would be an attractive partner -- download on your iPod, watch on your Apple TV certainly seems feasible -- but true to form, Apple Australia refused to comment. Looks like we won't know the truth until eBox launches in the second quarter of next year.
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