Airspan intros Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 USB device

It's been some time since Airspan kicked out a new device enabling laptop (or desktop, for that matter) users to hop on the Mobile WiMAX highway, but that's changing thanks to its recently-unveiled MiMAX USB. This USB 2.0 dongle "turns any laptop into a high performance Mobile WiMAX client," and it marks the first product in the Mobile WiMAX MIMO family. As with the 16eUSB that came before it, this gizmo allows users to connect to "virtually every Mobile WiMAX network that is deployed worldwide," and supports "all of the target Wave 2 MIMO Mobile WiMAX certification profiles (2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, 3.3 - 3.8GHz, and 4.9 - 5.8GHz)." Furthermore, the MiMAX USB even plays nice with licensed and unlicensed frequencies, and if you're looking to detect WiMAX networks before flipping on your machine, the optional MiMAX Finder should do the trick. Sadly, there's no mention of a price just yet, but we've got a feeling those details could be loosed during next week's WiMAX World USA in Chicago.