Vivendi wants bigger cut of iTunes pie

Poor, poor Vivendi Universal, Apple is really pulling a fast one on them (which I assume is why they didn't renew their iTunes contract). Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Levy said that the contract between Apple and content providers is 'indecent.' It would seem that Vivendi Universal, and other content providers, only get .70 Euros out of the .99 Euro price of tracks on iTunes. It is enough to make you shed a tear, right?

I imagine that Levy will only be happy when Apple pays Vivendi 2 euros for each .99 euro track as well as a few euros for each iPod sold (it worked for the Zune!). My question to Mr. Levy is this: out of that .70 euro that you get from Apple for one of your artist's work, how much is going to the artist? I'm betting that amount is the truly indecent one.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.