Japanese Windows users unable to unlock the iPod touch

Are you a Japanese Windows user? Did you just buy an iPod touch? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you may find yourself in a boiling rage in a matter of moments. Apparently, you are unable to unlock your new WiFi-device / media player if you're using Japanese Windows -- the player just remains in the holding pattern of a "connect to PC" prompt when you hook it up to your computer. According to reports, Apple Japan has yet to issue a statement or updates to solve the problem, which is causing a number of Japanese buyers to take matters into their own hands. Word on the street is that lines have been forming outside of Apple stores, where new buyers are taking their useless touches to be brought magically to life by the in-store Macs. First the screen problems and now this? Come on Apple -- get it together.

Update: The crack team at Engadget Japan has learned from Apple that an update coming later this week will fix the problem, though they have yet to make an official announcement. Also, it sounds like other foreign Windows users may be experiencing similar problems. If you're having trouble -- let us know.

[Via Impress]