Microsoft's files Zune patent for "automatic delivery of personal content"

Worried that you weren't getting any phantom downloads to your Zune? Fear not, readers, as Microsoft has plans to get you seriously covered. In a new patent application unearthed last week, the boys in Redmond outline a scheme wherein new media -- whether it be podcasts, individual tracks, or albums -- would be downloaded to your Zune via WiFi if relevant new content appeared on the company's servers. What's relevant content, you ask? Well, say you had a number of Foo Fighters records in your playlist, and you had set your preferences to grab any new music by the band that was put online. Tracks (or maybe just freebies like singles) might be downloaded directly to your player and added to a playlist. The system might also make suggestions for downloads based on your listening habits, possibly suggesting a Probot record, or Queens of the Stone Age. Whatever the implementation may be, we can all be assured of one thing: Dave Grohl will somehow be involved.

[Via ZDNet]