Nokia's next internet tablet hits the FCC

For all you Nokia fanatics waiting for the next-gen follow up to the beloved N800 internet tablet, your journey may be at its end. According to reports dot-dashed into the Engadget offices via a morse-code squawking carrier pigeon, the latest and greatest as-yet-unnamed (but for now called LJPRX-44) non-phone, non-computer device may be heading into your sweaty hands before long. There's not much to glean from the multifarious FCC filings, unless you're a glutton for punishment or an extremely determined wavelength-modulation-test-fan, save that the device will have both WiFi and Bluetooth, and should be the same general size and shape as the N800. Feast your eyes on the labeling above, and if you're really jonesing for some good-old FCC fun, hit the read link.

[Via TabletBlog]