Toshiba rolls out SLI-equipped Satellite X205 laptops

Toshiba looks to be doing its best to make it's high-end X200 series laptops even more attractive to gamers, with its latest X205 models sporting SLI graphics courtesy of NVIDIA, among other upgrades. That desirable option is available in both the X205-SLI1 and X205-SLI3 models, each of which pack dual NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPUs, with a combined 512MB of dedicated video RAM. Otherwise, you can expect standard HD DVD drives on both models, with a 2.0GHz T7250 Core 2 Duo processor on the SLI1 and a speedier 2.2GHz T7500 on the SLI3. Both models also pack 17-inch widescreen displays, although the SLI3 ups the resolution to 1680 x 1050, as opposed to the standard 1440 x 900 on the SLI1; the former model also comes bundled with a USB HDTV tuner. From the looks of it, you can get your hands on either one now, with the SLI1 setting you back an even $2,000, and the SLI3 running $2,400.