Carphone Warehouse preps "Limited Collection" line of designer handsets

Carphone Warehouse is prepping a line of devices for its new "Limited Collection" line, an all-designer showcase for all that's rehashed new in mobiles. The line will feature two handsets from designer Ted Baker, and one each from Mandarina Duck, Levi's, and Porsche. We're all for expensive, glossy new sets -- ok, we're sorta all for it -- but with the exception of the Porsche (Sagem) and Levi's (ModeLabs) sets, these are just same old, same old with expensive accessories and new color choices. Though, we have to hand it to one of the Ted Baker-branded devices, we dig its somewhat throwback name "needle" for its HTC Touch. The Levi's and Ted Baker Button should land in October with the rest of the collection arriving in November. Hopfully we'll see a pricing update soon.