KDDI's Infobar 2 announced for Japan

KDDI is back to show LG, Apple, and Samsung that a keypad totin' candybar can still bring the sex-ay. Meet the Infobar 2 for KDDI's CDMA-based au network, first peeped as a concept back in November as a possible follow-up to the wildly popular (in Japan anyway) first generation Infobar launched in 2003. Measuring 47 × 138 × 15.5-mm / 104-grams, it packs a 2.6-inch 240 x 400 pixel OLED display, stereo speakers, microSD expansion, EZ FeliCA support, 2-megapixel camera, and built-in 1Seg mobile TV tuner. It'll squeeze in about 290 minutes of talk time or 350 hours of standy when these hit Japan in November. Call us spoiled, but we still can't help but to think that it would look better without those dedicated keys.
[Via Impress]