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LaCie unveils 500GB silverscreen multimedia hard drive

Remember that measly 40GB silverscreen from years past? Thankfully, LaCie has finally found time to upgrade that thing to a much more stylish creation, complete with a half terabyte of built-in storage space (or 320GB if you're short on cash). The USB 2.0-based unit still features DivX compatibility and plug 'n plug operation with your television, and it even plays nice with JPEG / MP3 formats as well as offering up an optical digital audio output for Dolby Digital 5.1 support. Buyers will also find a wireless remote bundled in, and for those with HDTVs, the silverscreen is reportedly able to upscale content via component. No word on availability just yet, but we're hearing that the 500GB iteration is set to cost around €240 ($338) whenever it lands.

[Via Gizmos]