Live from the Palm press conference at DigitalLife

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|09.27.07

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Joshua Topolsky
September 27, 2007 12:34 PM
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Live from the Palm press conference at DigitalLife

Well folks -- we're here at the Palm / Sprint press event at DigitalLife, so get ready to have your heads go popping off your neck in a matter of moments. We're going to be liveblogging the whole nasty affair -- so keep your browser tuned in for the action.

12:34PM EST - Ed Colligan is about to take the stage, and we get a video! Very emotional video being played -- quite a few people in tears. Just kidding.

12:36PM EST - Ed Colligan is talking about the video. Blogging and emailing from a Treo he says. Colligan just said he didn't know what Twittering was until today.

Ed is talking about the market, says a billion phones will be sold this year. Says the market will grow 56 percent over the next few years.

12:39PM EST - Now he's talking about the size of smartphones and how they're too big and too complex.

12:40PM EST - Here it goes -- the Centro!

12:41PM EST - Nothing we didn't know. Touchscreen, little keyboard, new form factor. Palm OS.

12:42PM EST - Okay, he's talking features now. Great phone first, he's boasting about its address book features... we're not impressed with the address book Ed. Now he's talking about messaging, saying it's how a lot of people communicate now -- discussing threaded messaging. All old tech so far. Talking about AIM and Windows Live.

Push email built in -- pretty standard Palm fare -- go figure.

12:46PM EST - Ouch, just burned the iPhone by saying "this is not some EDGE phone" while talking about broadband speeds... uh, what about all your GSM Palm phones, Ed?

12:48PMEST - Sprint's point man on stage now -- talking about how amazing Sprint is -- go figure. Now talking about Sprint TV which has been "optimized" for the Centro. It'll cost you.

12:53PM EST
- The phone will be $99.99 -- only for Sprint. He just used the phrase "special sauce."

12:55PM EST - Ed is back! That's all for the show -- no surprises -- at all. Question and answer time...

Stay tuned for a hands-on and possibly some painful, hardball questions for the Palm folks, plus a slew of photos to feast your eyes on.
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