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Sling's CEO on being acquired by EchoStar: "We are going to rock"

So now that the EchoStar acquisition is public, Sling Media's CEO, Blake Krikorian sat down with SlingCommunity's Matt Whitlock and talked about how the deal is going to affect the place-shifting upstart. In his usual candid way, Krikorian said Sling is going to stay independent, and while the company is obviously going to try and leverage Dish Network's huge install base and software library, it's not going to rule out deals with other content and delivery providers -- in fact, Sling will continue to work with EchoStar's arch-rival DirecTV on things like NFL Supercast. Sadly, there are no juicy product details, but Krikorian did say that "there's some interesting things we're going to be able to cook up." Overall, Krikorian seems incredibly stoked about the acquisition -- which probably means good things for all you place-shifting hooligans out there.

[Thanks, Jeff]