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65nm Xbox 360s starting to trickle out?

65nm Xbox 360s starting to trickle out?
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel|September 28, 2007 7:49 PM

We've been waiting and waiting, and after months of speculation, a hardware revision, a couple limited editions, and even a new SKU, it looks like Microsoft is finally shipping "Falcon"-equipped Xbox 360s with 65nm CPUs. According to the eagle-eyed posters in the official Xbox forums, Halo edition 360s from lot #734 appear to be the first machines with the new chips, and the time-honored method of peeking inside the case with a flashlight should confirm you have the latest and greatest once you get your baby home. Check the read links for tons more info (and a fun little flamewar).

[Image from user JWSpeed in the Xbox forums]

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