Gyration unveils M2000 Travel Air-Mouse

Although Gyration's announcement isn't likely to be viewed as the most exciting news to emerge from DigitalLife, the firm is nevertheless unveiling its forthcoming M2000 Travel Air-Mouse for the wand-lovin' road warriors. The device boasts UltraSense technology and "works on a flat surface or in the air with a 100-foot range of wireless freedom." Additionally, the outfit brags that the unit's Swipes technology will allow users to "initiate any command with a flick of the wrist," which is sure to give Wii addicts a sensation they're comfortable with. Unfortunately, you'll be waiting till Q1 of next year before you can actually wrap your hands (yeah, it's got an ambidextrous design) around it, but those in the market for a keyboard too can skip over the $69.95 standalone box and nab the $99.95 bundle.