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Rock Band gets official pricing, ship date details

Although Rock Band was available for pre-order from a number of e-tailers earlier this summer, we're now hearing the "official word" from the suits at MTV regarding pricing. According to the MTV Multiplayer blog, both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions "will launch on November 23rd at a cost of $169.99." Bundled in will be the game, a single guitar, a mic and a drum kit. Additionally, the PlayStation 2 version -- which seemed to be on track for a 2008 release -- will reportedly make it onto store shelves just before the last ditch holiday rush, as it is now scheduled to land on December 10th for $159.99. As expected, the PS2 / PS3 packages will include wireless guitars, and while an optional cordless axe will certainly be available for the Xbox 360, its bundle will (sadly) include one with a tether. Oh, and Amazon has already updated its pages to reflect the finalized figures.

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