HTC's Shift with HSDPA and SnapVue gets a ship date

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Thomas Ricker
October 1st, 2007
HTC's Shift with HSDPA and SnapVue gets a ship date

Although it feels like it's already launched, the HTC Shift with HSDPA data just received its final push out the door today. Nothing new spec-wise to report. It's still the same 7-inch, touch-sensitive "slide-n-tilt" device sporting HTC's new SnapVUE shell -- a Sideshow-like, Windows Mobile-like, information display with its own dedicated processor for instant access to your email, SMS, calendar and contacts without booting into Vista. While the 2 days of SnapVUE standby time is indeed stellar, the 2-hours of Vista juice is generation-one UMPC pathetic. Available "across Europe" starting November for an undisclosed price.
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