Is Halo 3 suffering from disc read error syndrome?

We didn't post about this news previously, because we couldn't be sure if the problem was related to scratchedHalo 3 collector's edition discs or not, but now it seems like it's becoming a little more widespread.

Over on the official forums and all across the internet come reports from gamers who are claiming that certain copies of Halo 3 suffer from disc read errors problems. Varied first hand reports from recent Halo 3 purchasers talk about certain campaign levels not loading, certain multiplayer maps not playable and just general disc read error problems. Heck, we thought it was a fluke at the time, but even had a first hand Halo 3 disc problem where one of our copies wouldn't work on a certain 360, so we swapped out the disc with another and it fired up just fine. An odd occurrence indeed.

We're sure some of the complaints could stem from scratched discs or other 360 related hardware failures, but with our first hand experience and just the shear number of reports we've come across, we have to be at least a tad suspicious. We'll keep an eye on this mini-Halo 3 disc read error drama for further developments, but until then we advise playing Halo 3 ... that is if you don't get a disc read error.

[Thanks, xUNBOUNDx]