Hitachi announces StarBoard FX 77 Duo multi-touch whiteboard

While the jury's still out on the potential dangers of whiteboards (really), Hitachi is fearlessly forging ahead with its StarBoard line of big-screen interactive displays, with the company today announcing its 77-inch FX 77 Duo model (the non-Duo FX 77 is pictured above). The big selling point here is the board's support for dual inputs, which will let you get a taste of that multi-touch business everyone is so big on these days. Otherwise, the board looks to be a fairly standard affair, with 24 customizable buttons included to keep your presentations running smoothly, and software provided to remotely link up to 50 of the whiteboards together. While there's no official word on a price from Hitachi just yet, at least one retailer appears to be taking orders for them right now for $1,600.