Is this the BlackBerry 9xxx?

Just in case you'd been getting tired of iPhone rumors, Zune 2 leaks, and more Centro "in the wild" shots than you can really stomach, we've got something to alleviate the pressure. Enter the Photoshopped yet appropriately-blurry, rumored next phase of the Research In Motion takeover... the BlackBerry 9xxx. Okay, adjust your eyeballs and listen up -- according to the Boy Genius Report, the new device is slated to launch sometime in early 2008, and will be delivering mouth-watering goods like HSDPA-ified 3G, a 600Mhz processor, and an integrated backup / restore function which should help keep the suits from sweating themselves out of their expensive leather office chairs. Of course, this is all deeply, deeply unconfirmed at the moment, though the Boy Genius says he has a source. We suggest taking it with a grain of salt -- but feel free to dream.