Panasonic exec says Blu-ray will win soon

We don't know what sort of crystal ball Matsushita (parent of Panasonic) exec Kazuhiro Tsuga has, but during a briefing at the CEATEC show this week in Japan he predicted: 1) a big Q4 2007 - Q1 2008 that will put Blu-ray on a path to win the format war; 2) an end to the format war in another year's time. Toeing the Blu-ray line, Tsuga also downplayed the Paramount defection to HD DVD, noting that it "only" lasts 18 months. We're not so sure we agree with your predictions or dismissal of the Paramount deal, Tsuga-san, but we are looking forward to the aggressive promotions (read: discounts and offers) that you say the studios want to see by the end of the year. Bring those cheap Blu-ray players to market, and let's all let the market decide, ok?