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Gunpei Yokoi passed 10 years ago today

Gunpei Yokoi passed 10 years ago today
Justin McElroy
Justin McElroy|October 4, 2007 9:20 AM
If you think of it today, take a moment to remember Gunpei Yokoi, who passed away 10 years ago on this date after a car accident. The only man responsible for draining more AA batteries than Phillip J. Remotecontrol, Yokoi was the creator of the Game Boy, and the father of some of the portable console design tenets that still appear to govern Nintendo today.

Though he followed it up with the Virtual Boy (a misstep by anyone's approximation) Yokoi's legacy lives on. The only tragedy is that the tech wizard never saw the Game Boy's progeny not just play second fiddle to home consoles, but become a true force of gaming.

[Thanks, Samuel]
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