Hands-on with the AT&T Tilt

What can we say? The Tilt, like the Kaiser upon which it's based, is the ultimate execution of Windows Mobile 6 in this form factor. It's not for everyone, of course; Windows Mobile is the same old, cranky curmudgeon here that is is everywhere else -- and as anyone who's used version 6 knows, it's nothing more than 5 in a fresh set of clothes. That being said, HTC has done a great job of sprucing up the joint with a sprinkling of add-ins that make the OS more usable, while AT&T brings goodies like TeleNav, AT&T Music, and Cellular Video to the table. The hardware, though, is where this sucker shines. The Tilt has singlehandedly renewed our faith in HTC's ability to make exquisitely engineered devices, feeling utterly rock solid despite its relatively complex slide-tilt mechanism. It's heavy, but comfortably (and reassuringly) so, not to the point of annoyance, and the dark color scheme with black chrome nav keys looks better than we'd expected. One beef we expect some folks will have is with the Tilt's pudge -- it ain't the thinnest device in the world, about the same as the N95 (see the comparo shots in the gallery) -- but if you can get past that, this thing is the Windows Mobile device to have. For the moment, anyhow!