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iPhone coming to Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew?

According to wild rumors (and we do mean wild), Canadian "luxury retailer" Holt Renfrew -- the Barney's of the Great White North -- will begin carrying a Canuck version of the beloved iPhone in about two weeks, for the deliciously low price of $799. The rumor apparently emanates from an "insider source" at the company, though the store's reps won't confirm the news. If you believe the leaker, the retailer will carry an 8GB, GSM version of the phone (obviously, as no other version exists), and it will arrive on store shelves in mid-October. Sure, this sounds enticing, but why would a department store which specializes in high-end goods be the first the carry the iPhone, and where is the announcement (or even rumblings of an announcement) from a carrier in Canada? All intriguing questions which we'll be sussing out answers to... by force. Just kidding.

One of our readers claims to have been contacted by Holt Renfrew in regards to the iPhone rumors, and here is what they supposedly had to say: "Thank you for your inquiry of the Apple I Phone. I regret that the I Phone, originally planned for our store this fall will no longer be available at Holt Renfrew. In fact, due to other obstacles, the phone will not be here any earlier than January 2008." Of course, we're not buying that Holt Refrew's rep doesn't know how to spell "I Phone," but that's just us.

[Thanks, sculley]