Apple's new metallic keyboard biased against Caps Lock?

Rather than blatantly demoting it, Apple has apparently chosen to snub the Caps Lock key on its newest metallic keyboards ever so quietly. Judging by a video taken by Jonathan Rentzsch, the wired version of the new 'board seems to have a built-in resistance to activating the Caps Lock key. To demonstrate, he quickly tapped the key three times in succession -- mimicking "accidental presses" -- only to find that the device refused to acknowledge his actions. Then, he mashed and held it for a tick, and magically the button was lit. As if that weren't enough, it also appeared that the button would deactivate with one of those "lightning quick presses" that wouldn't turn it on, further substantiating the conspiracy. We know this is a polarizing issue, so make sure it doesn't get too heated in comments, okay?

[Via Wired]