Panasonic goes Ikea with concept furniture for flat panels

It looks like Panasonic is venturing a bit beyond its electronics-laden comfort zone, with the company recently showing off some concept furniture designed specifically for flat panel displays (or, more specifically, its flat panel displays). For that, Panasonic turned to Swedish designer Axel Bjurström, who appears to have produced at least three designs accommodating a variety of different size screens. The least conventional of the lot is the "Stege" model pictured above, which we can only assume is designed to go along with some magical cordless TVs and other gear Panasonic has yet to announce. The remaining concepts (seen after the break courtesy of Fosfor Gadgets) include the "Ridå," which conceals your 50-inch+ screen behind a curtain, and the Staffli, which opts for an less-than-practical easel-type design.